Diabetes Miracle

My husband has a client whose daughter has diabetes.  Today he gave her a couple of oils out of his travel bag for her to try.  He knew that Balance had a quick and amazing affect on blood samples (see doTERRA Balance Blood Sample Video ) so he gave her Balance and Peppermint.  Then a little while later he got a text.  Here is what it said:

“Today [my daughter’s] sugar was at 444, I put in a new pic line and put the oils on.  Usually it takes an hour for numbers to change and now we are at 276 in 20 mins.  Amazing!”

Later my husband filled me in on a few more details.  He was told that normally it takes at least an hour for medication to work… and now with the oils it took 20 minutes to get the numbers to drop that far.  THEN after an hour (with the oils) her numbers went down into the 100’s!!  This is within normal range.   WOW!!!

I am SO excited to hear how much these oils are helping others. This is why I want to share them with the world!


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