‘Owie’ Legs All Better

I went to a family party yesterday.  It was at my mom’s house and she has a split entry.  When I was in the entry my sister was at the bottom of the lower stairs.  She said she couldn’t walk up the stairs because her legs were so sore (from working out with my personal trainer husband no less) and she wasn’t able to go up the stairs.  In fact, she could barely walk all day.   So I asked her if she had tried the oils… when she said she hadn’t, I got SUPER excited to experiment!

So we went into her kitchen and she sat on a chair.  We put a couple drops of Peppermint and Deep Blue on each thigh.  Then she stood up and said “NO WAY, I don’t believe this!”  Her legs IMMEDIATELY felt better.  She started doing squats and even ran up the stairs to prove how much better they felt.

It was so amazing to see these things work SO INCREDIBLY FAST!!   Oh YEAH!  I love these oils!


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