Why I chose doTERRA

I am a firm believer that if something comes into your life more than once, then you BETTER LISTEN UP!

Well, this is what happened to me when I discovered doTERRA’s Essential Oils.

In April 2010, I went to a retreat where I met a wonderful friend named Quincy.  (Love you!)  Whenever I had a headache or any other ailment, she would pull out her black case of essential oils and put some on me.

Then in June 2010, I went to a workshop where I got to know a lady named Marie.  (Love you!) Again, I had a headache and she pulled out her essential oils and let me use them.

I was so impressed with these oils that I searched for a way to get them.  I emailed and researched online, but didn’t get too far.

Then in August 2010, I went to a 3-day seminar where I sat next to a lady named Kendra, a lady named Wendy, and a man named Marc.  (Love you all!) During the next 3 days everytime I had an ailment (headache, cut finger, fatigue, stress, etc.) Kendra pulled out her handy little kit and put oils on me.  Then she sent me home with some samples.

A little about me… I have always believed that there are healthy benefits to oils.  However, I viewed them more as a ‘helpful’ tool and not something that ‘really’ helped.  I had tried other oils before but NOTHING compared to the results I had using doTERRA.

I was thrilled that I could take them internally, too…. I didn’t want to smell like oils all day. My bag of oils has replaced my medicine cabinet… I use them for everything.  (Illness, Pain, Injury, Burns, Vitality, Infection, Viruses, Anxiety, etc. etc. etc.)

Anyway, I have never looked back.  I truly feel that these are blessing my life… both physically and financially.  They are a ‘gift from God’ and I know He wants me to share them with the world!

My oil website is www.usedoterraoils.com

Please let me know if you would like more information and/or samples.  I KNOW they can bless your life, too.

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