Special guest on the radio


I had the pleasure of being the guest on a talk radio show "All You Need To Know".  The show is all about preparedness, but we discussed how making good choices can prevent us with dealing with harder consequences later…. and this is a GREAT aspect of preparation. 

If you would like to hear the radio show please CLICK HERE

As I was discussing this show with my mom she shared with me a perfect example of this.  When my mom was younger she worked in a jewelery store.  Because of the high-dollar items in the store she had always made a plan in her head in case someone tried to rob her.  She carefully outlined all the options she had and things she could do to make sure that it didn't happen.    One day there was a man who came in and asked to see the most expensive jewelery in both mens and womens.  It was a little suspicious so my mom made eye contact with the security guard to let him know that he should be on his toes (this is one of the things she had thought about before).  Well, sure enough when the man got a hold of the jewelery, he took off running.  My mom screamed for the guard and immediately the thief was tackled to the ground.  My mom felt strongly that if she hadn't played that out the possibilities ahead of time in her mind then the man would have gotten away and my mom would have been frozen in fear. 

So I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.  Can you think of a time in your life where a difficult experience could have been avoided if you had planned…  or prepared yourself ahead of time? 

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