Out of Ashes

Life has an interesting way of surprising you.  I started strongly pursuing my business and life mission when things came to a halt.  Actually, they didn't halt… they burned to the ground.  And they burned quickly… 

It all started just over 2 years ago… I had been grieving over multiple losses, I moved, my daughter got an immune disease, an organization that I built from the ground up started to crumble because I was the last leader left and couldn't hold it alone, and my business was crying for more of my attention. . This was also at the time that I was birthing my new business and following my passion so it was also an exciting time.  And then I found out I was pregnant.  I get pre-eclampsia with my pregnancy and have to be on bedrest early on . Then even more difficult challenges piled on… and I felt completely broken.  I hadn't gone to those depths for years and didn't think I could ever revisit them again  But I did

I could feel myself shifting and I was quickly simplifying everything in my life.  I shut down the organization, sold my business, purged items out of my house, canceled things on my calendar, eliminated SIX different websites and said no to almost everything.  I pulled back to the bare essentials and regrouped.  

And then I re emerged.

I found it ironic that my theme for that previous year was FEARLESS and FORWARD because the new energy I felt was exactly that.

I am excited to share the things I learned during that time.  I am here to testify that the tools I learned to combat darkness not only WORK but they were probably life saving at times.  

So what does this mean for my websites?  Well, here's the exciting thing.  I am combining them all into ONE.  Although this domain (www.martinamuir.com) was for my personal blog, it will now be the home of my business and healing services, books, classes, The Light Plan,  and more.  

It will get an incredible face lift… so professional yet beautiful.  BRIGHT and BOLD yet INSPIRING and WARM! 


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