BOOKS by Martina M. Muir


Cave to Light; Parable of the Cave

Everyone experiences their own personal cave of darkness simply because we are all human.  We all struggle, we all have weaknesses, we experience pain and sadness, and we grow, become more than what we once were, and we can experience Light if we choose to seek it.  This is a parable that illustrates the journey we all must take.  There is symbolism in the story and the beautiful thing about parables is that we learn specific truths that are unique to our situation. 

The actual Parable in e-book format is currently available, however, in August 2014  I will be releasing the expanded version that explains the process we go through from Darkness to Light and how it applies to our future.  

The Healer's Call; Christ-centered Energy Healers and their Stories

Who You Are is Not What You've Done

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The Light Plan; Choosing, Seeking, and Living Light! 

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Out of Ashes

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