Why I chose doTERRA

I am a firm believer that if something comes into your life more than once, then you BETTER LISTEN UP!

Well, this is what happened to me when I discovered doTERRA’s Essential Oils.

In April 2010, I went to a retreat where I met a wonderful friend named Quincy.  (Love you!)  Whenever I had a headache or any other ailment, she would pull out her black case of essential oils and put some on me.

Then in June 2010, I went to a workshop where I got to know a lady named Marie.  (Love you!) Again, I had a headache and she pulled out her essential oils and let me use them.

I was so impressed with these oils that I searched for a way to get them.  I emailed and researched online, but didn’t get too far.

Then in August 2010, I went to a 3-day seminar where I sat next to a lady named Kendra, a lady named Wendy, and a man named Marc.  (Love you all!) During the next 3 days everytime I had an ailment (headache, cut finger, fatigue, stress, etc.) Kendra pulled out her handy little kit and put oils on me.  Then she sent me home with some samples.

A little about me… I have always believed that there are healthy benefits to oils.  However, I viewed them more as a ‘helpful’ tool and not something that ‘really’ helped.  I had tried other oils before but NOTHING compared to the results I had using doTERRA.

I was thrilled that I could take them internally, too…. I didn’t want to smell like oils all day. My bag of oils has replaced my medicine cabinet… I use them for everything.  (Illness, Pain, Injury, Burns, Vitality, Infection, Viruses, Anxiety, etc. etc. etc.)

Anyway, I have never looked back.  I truly feel that these are blessing my life… both physically and financially.  They are a ‘gift from God’ and I know He wants me to share them with the world!

My oil website is www.usedoterraoils.com

Please let me know if you would like more information and/or samples.  I KNOW they can bless your life, too.

Diabetes Miracle

My husband has a client whose daughter has diabetes.  Today he gave her a couple of oils out of his travel bag for her to try.  He knew that Balance had a quick and amazing affect on blood samples (see doTERRA Balance Blood Sample Video ) so he gave her Balance and Peppermint.  Then a little while later he got a text.  Here is what it said:

“Today [my daughter’s] sugar was at 444, I put in a new pic line and put the oils on.  Usually it takes an hour for numbers to change and now we are at 276 in 20 mins.  Amazing!”

Later my husband filled me in on a few more details.  He was told that normally it takes at least an hour for medication to work… and now with the oils it took 20 minutes to get the numbers to drop that far.  THEN after an hour (with the oils) her numbers went down into the 100’s!!  This is within normal range.   WOW!!!

I am SO excited to hear how much these oils are helping others. This is why I want to share them with the world!


‘Owie’ Legs All Better

I went to a family party yesterday.  It was at my mom’s house and she has a split entry.  When I was in the entry my sister was at the bottom of the lower stairs.  She said she couldn’t walk up the stairs because her legs were so sore (from working out with my personal trainer husband no less) and she wasn’t able to go up the stairs.  In fact, she could barely walk all day.   So I asked her if she had tried the oils… when she said she hadn’t, I got SUPER excited to experiment!

So we went into her kitchen and she sat on a chair.  We put a couple drops of Peppermint and Deep Blue on each thigh.  Then she stood up and said “NO WAY, I don’t believe this!”  Her legs IMMEDIATELY felt better.  She started doing squats and even ran up the stairs to prove how much better they felt.

It was so amazing to see these things work SO INCREDIBLY FAST!!   Oh YEAH!  I love these oils!