I believe we are all destined for great things.  We each have a divine life mission and in order to fully accomplish it we need to find out what it is.  I believe this is a light within each of us that is meant to be shared.  

Everyone has personal hardships and challenges in life; I call this the "cave of darkness".  I believe once we overcome challenges it is then our responsibility to go help others who are living in the same cave that we ventured out of.

After overcoming numerous challenges such as depression, self-harm, teen pregnancy and adoption, abuse, low self worth, and more, there have been many valuable tools, lessons, and insights I now share with people through various events, classes, trainings, mentoring, and healing sessions. Some of these tools include meditation, energy work, psychology and the brain techniques, handwriting analysis, and using the scientific and spiritual principles of Light in all areas of life.  

I am passionate about helping others.  I love sharing the many things I've learned.  One of my gifts is to teach complicated concepts and teach them simply.  Freedom is so important and I love helping others be free to live the life they so richly deserve as a child of God.