I love teaching and speaking and would be honored to assist with your event.  We can choose a topic that is specific to your needs or you may choose from many of my topics below. 


  • Who You Are is Not What You've Done:  Find freedom and joy in understanding that our self worth and actions are not the same.  However, the more we realize our worth, the more we act in alignment with who we 'really' are.   
  • Choices That Change You:  Discover how to bring positive changes in life.  Sometimes there are big experiences that change you on the inside but it's the little decisions you make each moment that create the most change in your life.
  • Taming the Dragon Within:  Quite often we are the ones holding us back.  Learning how to master oneself is the very base of true healing and growth.  We hold the key to the life we desire! 
  • Finding Light; How to recognize darkness and choose Light:  What  is light?  Have you ever thought about the many definitions?  What is darkness?  How can it manifest in our life?  Learn the principles of light, gain inspiration, and be given tools that will help you recognize darkness in its many forms so you can finally LIVE in the LIGHT!
  • Find Your Woven Path:  Do you ever feel like you have a mission in life but are unclear on what it is?  This is an interactive class that helps you discover your unique talents and gifts and how they fit in the tapestry of life.  It's time to create YOUR life masterpiece
  • Every Blooming Child; Discover & Encourage your child with their life mission: How to discover and encourage your child with their mission in life.  Focusing on their inherit gifts we can support and guide them  as they fully 'bloom' into who they were meant to be.


  • My Story of Faith:  I share my experience of placing a child for adoption and how my faith and sacrifice brought healing and joy.  
  • Letting Go and Holding On:  Learn productive ways to hold on to the lessons learned during life's challenges while letting go of the habits, beliefs, and emotions that do not serve our future.
  • Phases of Healing:   Understand the stages and patterns a birth-parent goes through before, during, and after placement. Whether you are a birth-parent, birth-grandparent, or anyone else who wants to understand what a birth-parent goes through – you will have a deeper understanding of the challenges they face and how you can love and support them (or yourself).
  • Who You Are is Not What You've Done: A common thread among birthmothers is that oftentimes they do not recognize their true worth, and that their value goes beyond our actions.  Once we discover "Who we are" then we naturally make choices to match our worth, or we forgive ourselves if we make mistakes.  It is a key ingredient to a happy and fulfilled life.