Free Course - Overcoming the Challenges of an Awakening


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The Light Plan Masterclass

I developed THE LIGHT PLAN to help others Awaken and Armor Up.  

It’s BOTH an offensive and defensive strategy against our common enemy: the darkness. 

THIS is exactly what will help you get unstuck and:

  • Feel more peace and hope
  • Lift the fog and get clarity as your intuition becomes stronger
  • Ratchet up your courage and bravery to live in alignment with your heart, intellect, mind and spirit, and take divinely guided actions
  • Understand the big picture and find meaning in the storm
  • Assimilate all the ascension energies (physical, emotional, mental symptoms) that you may have been feeling
  • Discover your divine purpose and how you can make a difference in the world

During the 40-day experience, the Light Plan includes:

  • Video Training
  • Inspiration and intuitive support
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