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Power-Up Session

Although I have taken clients for years it is not something I advertise or even offer on my website because my schedule is typically booked out by current clients or personal referrals. So this is an extremely rare opportunity.

I am really excited for this! It was something I felt prompted to do and I always love connecting and serving at a deeper level.


Well, this is something unique that I do. About 10 years ago my physical eyes started to see light and energy. I'm not talking auras (although I can see those)... this is like strands, connections, patterns, grids, ribbons, movement, directions, flow... you name it. It's like seeing the photons and life force energy that resides in everyone and every thing. I've learned to master what it says and can quickly identify what it means.

You can choose what I will look at ... body, relationships, business, spiritual gifts, etc. Then I draw and write the impressions.

I will do an Energy Scan and then we will have a 30-min session where I share things with you, send you the drawing, give you any steps to take, and then also do an energetic cleansing and a Divine Integration. You receive all of this for only $77! 

I look forward to serving you!

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